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GYBE Design is the industry’s benchmark for light, durable and fully customizable inflatable tents.


Based on the success of our Event Tents, we have been able to set new standards for pneumatic rescue tents. The huge portfolio features several models of Gybe designs including 10FEET, 4m, 5m and 6m models that are complemented by the 11m and 14m StarLounge. Rounding off the portfolio with several other inflatable products such as counter and seats. 


GYBE also delivers the most versatile Mercedes and Volkswagen BUS TENTS. Fit for purpose, highly functional, they’re made purely to enhance your holiday and leisure time.



DUOTONE, is the world’s leading kiteboarding brand with a focus on innovation, premium quality and safety. My knowledge of product design which started with the development of soft-kites back in 2005, combined with my passion for the sport has curated a longstanding partnership for evolving the line and trailblazing innovation and performance for the future of the sport. I’m currently responsible for the following models:

VEGAS, JUICE, DICE and the award-winning EVO.


Representing 23 years of paragliding experience distilled into the most refined and modern product range, ICARO is young, fresh and dynamic.

With a focus on safe but thrilling products, we ensure that you will get the best and more from your paragliding experience.


As the designer of the unique spinnaker sails, Parasailor and Parasail from ISTEC, OXLEY is distributing these very advanced sails under the name BORA and LEVANTE since 2019.


Will small to mid-range companies survive in future? How do you compete against ultra-complex, automatized and cluster driven structures such as AmAZON and EBAY? The answer is, only if the software which operates the supply chain processes in the background is as competitive as the ones from the market leaders. The PICASIX software is the essence of 20 years experience in product design, production and sales. By combining and aligning all processes from A to Z, we’re able to automate complex chains and open a complete new field of trading between production, supplier, office, importer, wholesaler and end consumers. 

Stay tuned…


It’s all about competition! If you are not a racer then you shouldn’t enter into the field of competitive business. Racing on the track is like competing in business. You might be in with a chance to win, but only if all the parameters are perfectly aligned. GYBE RACING is our playground to optimise. From fine-tuning the car to developing parts such as the rear wing and suspension parts, it’s our time to push our personal limits. Working as a team is essential and gives us the chance to invite friends and clients to participate on the passenger's seat. It’s a thrill for everyone involved!

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